Our mesh can take more than 20 tons of pressure 

And can stand 200°c instant heat.


Skull Skreens is a proudly South African industry that specialize in making the absolute best mesh the market has to offer. 

What makes our bags so unique? 

What is it used for?

Which Micron Screen should I use?

Extra Info

Our standard sizes are:

Small Screen Filters

120mm  in length

65mm in Width

36,90 or 160 microns.


Large Screen filters

280mm in length

75mm in Width

36,90 or 160 microns


We do make Custom Size Skreens but this will only be sold in bulk, (bulk is 50+ Screen filter bags.) contact us for more info.

Contact us & Delivery.

We are based in Alberton and use affordable but reliable delivery services to deliver your package wherever you are.

Looking for our Address?

What is the cost of delivery services?

Do we deliver out of Gauteng?

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