Skull Skreens is a proudly South African industry that specialize in making the absolute best mesh the market has to offer. 

Micron Screens or as others may call it:

Nylon filter bags            Rosin bags

Screen Filters       or     Micron bags

is Mono-filament synthetic fibers that is woven very precisely to create industrial textiles with narrow pore placement. we call these pores/holes microns which is 1/1000 of a mm.

What makes our bags so unique? 

The micron bags we manufacture is designed to withstand 200°c instant heat, and is able to take over 20 tons of pressure, so for pressing this is the perfect material, we have yet to have any blowouts/ tears in the material after first use, if you have a blowout on your first press please inform us so that we can investigate the cause.

We are in association with the best pressing manufacturer in SA. BulldogPresses for more info please visit www.BulldogPresses.co.za  we supply all BulldogPresses micron screens. 

Close-up Micron Threading

What is it used for?

Our Micron Screen Filters insures quality oil yields. If you are unsure how our product works, please see the slide shows and follow the step by step process to insure you get the most out of our screens. please note that the cannabis used in this video is for personal use.

  • Step1: In our examples we used Cannabis in the first Slide show, and we are using Small 90 micron bags for both examples. Fill the screen filter bag with the plant material you would like to press.

  • Step2: In the example we only used 5g of Cannabis, you can add much more. Manually Pre-press (place on a flat surface and press the plant material down with the palm of your hand) the Cannabis. Add Parchment paper to the press and first preheat press before use.

Example 1 Cannabis

  • Step3:  Cut Screen filter bag to have a neat fold up at the end.

  • Step4: Insert the Screen filter bag into the press.

  • Step5: Use the handle to press the material, once slightly compressed. Every minute for 4-6 minutes raise and lower the handle once until unable to push down with 2 fingers.

  • Step6: You will hear a slight crackling noise coming from the compressed Cannabis shortly after that, you will see quality Rosin flowing out onto the parchment paper.

  • Step7: Take out the parchment paper with all the Rosin and let it cool. Please note that Rosin cools faster depending on room temperature, in most cases it will take 3 minutes to cool.

  • Step8: Use a Dab Tool to jab the rosin off the parchment paper. And Finally enjoy your Rosin.

Example 2 Rosemary

If you are confused about the pressing process please contact Bulldog Presses, any queries about the screen filter bags, please contact Skull Skreens by:

Clicking the phone!!!

  • Step1: In the example we are using only 2g of Rosemary but you can use much more than the example, Pack the rosemary into the 90 micron screen filter.

  • Step2: manually press the Rosemary down so that it is compressed at the bottom of the screen. Cut the remaining screen paper and fold the top so that the rosemary is closed inside.

  • Step3: Insert the screen filter bag into the press and press down until the compressed rosemary cant move. Every minute for 4-6 minutes raise and lower the handle once until unable to push down with 2 fingers.

  • Step4: With plant material similar to rosemary the liquid will rush out like water, if you want the most out of your yield, you may use both hands to pull the handle of the Bulldog press, the frame will be able to withstand the pressure and you will have a rush of rosemary water run out.

  • Step5: have a container on the ready to collect the Rosemary water, once the press has been maxed, you may take the parchment paper and collect the remaining droplets, a reminder that this is only from 2g of rosemary; a lot more can be compressed into our screens.

You may also find that our product is handy for extracting oils or water from:

  • weed/kief/bubble hash

  • lavender, Geranium, Rose or other plants.

  • most types of nuts like peanuts, almonds etc...

  • or anything that has essential oils.


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